What could happen to you in Barcelona?


You  wont leave without having tasted ‘pa amb tomaquet’

Wether served with tapas or with a more elaborated meal, don’t  miss the chance to savour this simple combination of toasted farmhouse bread rubbed with fresh tomato and drizzled with extra virgin oil.


On the 23rd of April, for Sant Jordi you will end up with a book or a rose in your hand

St Georges’ day has become a unique “fiesta” when the whole city pays homage to reading. It is like a Catalan version of Valentine’s  day. It is custom to give a rose or book or both to your loved ones. On that day the streets of Barcelona are filled with stalls selling books or flowers. The roses can be offers to any loved ones, from your partner to you children parents and work colleagues.





You won’t leave Barcelona without having visited a museum 

Picasso Museum, MACBA, CCCB, Tapies Fondation, Miro Fondation… there are endless museum possibilities providing a fascinating journey from the finest Romanesque art through to the geniuses of the 20th century. And if Art is not your thing there are plenty of alternatives:  The ideas and Inventions museum, the museum of Natural Science, The Chocolate Museum, the Barca Museum etc…


Tapies Foundation Museum Barcelona




There will be a Barca game on at Camp Nou

Between the months of September to May, Barca play a match practically every 10 days in Barcelona. Check the ficture list on FC Barcelona’s website and with a little bit of luck you are sure to find a League, Cup or champion League game.





You will wake up to  glorious day 

According to meteorological records for the past 40 years, 1983 was the driest year with just 60 days of rainfall. The wettest year was 1966, with 109 days. The average rainfall in Barcelona is 600 litres per square metre, but the vast majority falls in the spring an autumn.





You will fall in love with Barcelona’s architecture, its fiestas, the beach, the parks and weather, the delicious food.


You won’t be the only person to work off your stress with a run

There are any numbers of paces in the city where you can have a really enjoyable run. The sea front while the sun is rising or you can go up to the Carretera de les Aigues in the Collserola hills with the city at your feet, you’re bound to find yourself in good company.



You will find the exit from the Horta Maze

Despite its convoluted passageways, up to now everyone who had visited the Horta Maze, has managed to find the exit. The maze forms part of Barcelona’s oldest garden which was developed along neo-classical lines starting in 1791 and ending up as a Romantic Garden in 1853. It is an emblematic landmark of the Horta Guinardo District.




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