Luxury Apartment in Barcelona

Barcelona remains at the top of many luxury travelers Christmas list


This holiday season, Barcelona remains at the top of many travelers’ Christmas lists. Holiday markets, enticing cuisine, and festive spirit in the air attract couples, families, and the adventurous traveler to explore the city for heart-felt gifts and experiences that are created with love.

At Arola Restaurant, Chef Sergi Arola will prepare a more casual menu, combining traditional Catalan cuisine and innovation. He will feature classic dishes like squid sandwiches and local holiday treats that will be reinvented through Arola’s creativity.

To ring in 2016, the hotel’s Enoteca restaurants will serve up signature dinner entrees while overlooking spectacular views of the Mediterranean. The exclusive dinner will be designed by Chef Paco Pérez, highlighting dishes with ingredients like apple, smoked eel, and trout roe. The Arola Restaurant will also offer a special menu to celebrate the end of the year. Chef Sergi will develop culinary delights such as red prawns with plankton and crispy cuttlefish and creamy roasted garlic rice.

The holiday season is bustling in Barcelona, as guests can partake in numerous activities, like visiting Santa Lucia’s Christmas Market and ice skating at Plaza Catalunya rink. From holiday treats, exceptional culinary offerings, and the festive thrill of Christmas spirit in the air, Barcelona is a must on everyone’s Christmas list.

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Luxury Apartment in Barcelona


Luxury apartment Barcelona


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