Easter Weekend in Barcelona

Thinking of visiting Barcelona for the Easter weekend? Here’s what to expect…

There are many possessions on the Easter weekend in Barcelona. You have two chances to see one the of main possessions that is held in Barcelona as there is one on Good Friday and another on Easter Sunday from 16:00 to 23:00. You can expect to see large and incredible floats slowly parading round the streets. Head to the Barcelona Cathedral and the square outside it – it will be the centre of all activities for the weekend.

As schools are closed over the weekend, there are lots of activities and events that are run to keep the children entertained. You should head down to the Aquarium, the Barcelona Zoo or the Tibidabo Amusement Park!

Many Spanish would not go without this tradition on Easter; Mona de Pasqua. Mona de Pasqua is a traditional cake that originally was made by the grandparents and given to the grandchildren. A traditional Mona de Pasqua is topped with hard boiled eggs often painted in colours, and a sponge cake base full of cream, chocolate or marmalade and then covered in burnt Catalan cream.

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These days the cake is now a chocolate cake that is topped with either an eggs, chocolate egg, or actually, anything, related to Easter or not, sometimes you’ll see children’s favourite cartoon characters perched on the top of these cakes.

If you are a chocolate fan and therefore love Easter for that main reason, then you should head down to the Museu de La Xocolata. In Semana Santa there are queues down the street and chocolate-lovers can enter to explore the chocolate sculptures, exhibitions and then more importantly, the shop and the cafe at the end of the tour! Use the Arc de Triomf on L1 to get there!

One thing to bare in mind is that many shops will be shut on both Good Friday and Easter Monday!

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