Luxury Apartments in Madrid

A Dream Stay for your Holiday in Madrid!

Luxury Apartments in Madrid


Are you planning to spend your holiday in the Spanish capital and to get to enjoy THE perfect luxury apartments in Madrid to make the most of your stay? Madrid is an excellent holiday destination both for its rich cultural and historical heritage, for its pleasant climate and for its open and welcoming inhabitants.


The variety of choices

Many real estate agencies and companies could propose you luxury apartments; it can be sometimes difficult to choose one among the various options. The offer of holiday accommodation is wide and varied, and for good reasons, Madrid is one of the most touristic cities in Europe with millions of visitors each year.


Why choose ChicRoom Barcelona?

ChicRoom Barcelona provides excellent luxury apartments to you for your holidays in the capital of Spain. Our properties are located in the city centre and are meticulously selected to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Indeed, each of our apartments meets high-end selection criteria that will allow you to spend an unforgettable holiday.


Luxury Apartments in Madrid

From chic to classic

Several apartments are available in different districts of the capital; there is something for all tastes. If you are staying in the Barrio de la Salamanca you can shop in the Golden Mile, discover delicious Michelin-starred restaurants and take part in the most exclusive nights in Madrid.

Luxury Apartments in Madrid

Barrio de la Salamanca


If you are looking for a versatile and timeless district where you never get bored, look at our apartments next to the Barrio de la Chueca for instance.

Luxury Apartments in Madrid

Chueca neighbourhood


Madrid has a diverse urban landscape that needs to be explored; it is an outstanding city that has a lot to offer you. If you want the Madrid experience to be up to your requirements, it is important to be well-assisted in choosing your accommodation. As a couple, with family or with friends, we will be able to propose you exceptional apartments to make sure you make the most of your holidays as well.


Our properties have different styles. We propose you elegant modern apartments with designer decorations and furniture allied with the maximum comfort you are seeking.


If your tastes are more classic, we also have more authentic accommodations that convey a warm feeling with their typical Spanish style of ornament and antique furniture. You will almost feel like the royal family in their palace.


Luxury Apartments in Madrid


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Visit the Chic Room Barcelona website to admire these beautiful residences. If one of these luxury apartments in Madrid particularly strikes your intention, contact us for more information!

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