A romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

This article is for you to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona. We have to recognise that Barcelona isn’t the first place that comes to people’s mind when they think of a romantic place. For sure it’s not Paris where you could propose your beloved one under the Eiffel Tower. Neither it’s Venice where you could go on a romantic gondola ride lulled by the chants of the gondolier. Here in Barcelona, there is no such cliché (or ever hardly). So if you have no plans for February, 14th, go get your tickets and follow our advice for a romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.


The love nest for your Romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona


Now your trip is booked, you need to find the right accommodation. Fortunately for you, at ChicRoom Barcelona we have selected a sample of our finest luxury apartments, every one of them with a special character.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Royal Dream

Royal Dream, as its name states it, will make you feel like a monarch thanks to its gorgeous decorations and interior design.








Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Modernista Tibidabo Mezzanine

Of equal refinement yet different in style, Modernista Tibidabo Mezzanine echoes the beauty of Paseo de Gracia where it located.








Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Barcelona Skyline Penthouse I

Last but not least, and probably the most stunning apartments, Barcelona Skyline Penthouse I offers some of the most incredible views of Barcelona and enjoys a premium location on the seaside.





Romantic tip: Wake up earlier than your beloved one and prepare a copious breakfast for a long day of exploration.


Talking about views…


Barcelona is already a very impressive city at the ground level. So imagine how it could be from a higher view point. One way to find out about it is to reach the Bunkers del Carmel. Built during the Spanish Civil War as an anti-air strike shelter for civilians of the area, this spot is a 360º panoramic scenery where Barcelona lays at your feet. Trust us, you and your partners will be stunned by the panorama.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Photo by @pierredeteuf via Instagram


Romantic tip: pack a picnic lunch with local fresh products previously bought at the market (we’ll come to that later on).


More views…


More views! You’re probably thinking “How could that be possible?”. Well, here you have the answer. Enjoy a dinner or drink with views in some places that aren’t for faint-hearted regarding high altitude. Instead of enumerating every single place, we’ve prepared a list right here. Buen provecho!


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Torre d’Alta Mar


Romantic tip: Order one of the finest Cava o Penedes bottle and ask for a table by the window to savour your meal.


Dinner in tête-à-tête


If you don’t feel like sharing space with strangers and getting disrupted every other moment by the waiters, why don’t spend the night in your ChicRoom Barcelona apartment and take the command of the kitchen? Barcelona has at least 39 markets home of dozens of stands each providing exquisite local products going from vegetables and fruits to meat, fish, sea food and cold meats.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

La Boqueria market – Photo by ja ma on Unsplash


The most famous one of them is the Boqueria Market located in Las Ramblas. It may be very crowded and touristy but you can’t deny that its architecture makes one of the most iconic sites on Barcelona. Luckily, markets are sprinkled all over the city and our holiday apartments are situated nearby (see map below).


Romantic tip: What else can we add? Isn’t a home-made meal lovingly prepared already romantic? We let you in charge for this one (be careful with the candles or else you won’t see your deposit back 😉 ). Oh! And don’t forget some music. But don’t worry, we’ve also thought about it. Press the play button of the list below:



The Kiss of Freedom


On your tour of Barcelona, there’s one hidden spot you shouldn’t miss. It’s the mosaic wall “Kiss of Freedom”. It does sound like a reference to the quest of independence (chill out, people! No politics here) but not quite.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Photo by @pierredeteuf via Instagram


The Local newspaper “El Periodico” invited people to send pictures of themselves in company of their beloved one while enjoying a “moment of freedom”. The mosaic mural was then created and set up in 2014, which coincided with Barcelona’s Tricentenary celebrations commemorating the fall of Barcelona during The War of The Spanish Succession.


Romantic tip: Lend your camera to someone around. Grab your partner by the hand and head towards the mural. Both of you kiss tenderly and click! It’s in the box.


Love in the park and gardens


It’s would be too difficult to list every single park and garden of Barcelona as you can imagine. To be honest, nobody in the office has been to all of them. However, here are some of the most tranquil and idyllic green spaces we’ve selected for you.

One of them is actually Horta Labyrinth and one of the oldest gardens in Barcelona. Designed in neo-classic and romantic styles, the gardens are surrounded by trees, plants and flowers and are ornamented with statues buildings and ponds copying the Ancient Greek style.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Horta Labyrinth – Photo from http://meet.barcelona.cat


Located in the vicinity of the Labyrinth, we also recommend the gardens of the Jardins de les Heures. Although not as known as the former, its beauty is equal thanks to its French and Italian Renaissance style. On top of a natural terrace, there’s a palace that reminds the French château style and hidden among palm trees.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Jardins de les Heures – Photo from http://totbarcelona.blogspot.com


There are more green spaces to discover and they’re pinned on the map below.


Romantic tip: Stroll around, hand in hand, along the verdurous aisles and paths. Sit in a quiet place and observe the magnificence of nature. Take the time to do nothing. Little things are sometimes worth the most valuable ones.


Rowing boat tour


Let’s remain in the topic of the green areas and more specifically with the Ciutadella Park. Although being one of the most visited parks in Barcelona, there’s one characteristic that makes it stand out from the others. It’s its small lake with a rowing boat service. Hire a boat for 30 minutes and embark on a lovey-dovey cruise with your partner in crime.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Ciutadella Park – Photo from https://guia.barcelona.cat


Romantic tip: Row again and again and let the charm of the cruise operating.


Concert at Palau de la Musica Catalana


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Palau de la Musica Catalana

When you think of love you almost automatically associate it music. Any romantic film without the soundtrack wouldn’t be the same. Some artists would have never been who they are without expressing how broken their heart is or how crazy they feel about the one without singing it. This is the reason why we had to include a music event.


Palau de la Musica Catalana is the ideal music venue for that. This splendid art nouveau building located in El Born district is an architectural gem. Listed as a World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, it’s a must-see during a visit in Barcelona.

Luckily this year on Valentine’s Day, there’s the possibility attend a show of what’s the most Spanish music genre: flamenco. The concert is a tribute to one of the masters of Spanish guitar, Paco de Lucia and will be performed by some renowned artists.


The last romantic tip


What else could be missing to that list? Flowers, of course! Love is definitely expressed with flowers. We could recommend you to head towards Las Ramblas but we know better places for that. The neighbourhood of Eixample, near Paseo de Gracia, is home of of the Mercat de la Concepció (see map below). It’s definitely less crowded and you could find a huge selection of plants and flowers.


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Mercat de la Concepció – Photo from www.barcelona.com


In case you’ve been unable to get a free moment during the day, we have a precious tip for you. Floristería Navarro (see map) is a florist open 24-hour!!! Ta-daaa! Now you have no excuse to get a bunch and leave it on the living room table or spread the petals all over the bedroom (by the way, that’s our romantic tip).


Romantic Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Floristería Navarro – Photo from https://www.ecologiaverde.com


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ve found it useful. We wish you to experience the most romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona and that you’ll keep the burning flame of passion alive. Happy Valentine’s Day!




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