Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience

Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience in Barcelona

The award-winning interactive exhibition “Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience” has finally arrived in Barcelona. From the 14th of March until the 14th of July 2019, take a multi-sensory journey into the world-famous Dutch painter’s life as if you were actually living it.

Created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam, it displays over 10,000 elements thanks 17 projectors, more than 20 screens, over 300 controlled light fixtures and 21 cameras. The exhibition includes 3D sets picturing different scenes from the artist’s life such as his bedroom, the yellow house, Parisian cafés, wheat fields and many more.


Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

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A journey with Vincent


Meet Vincent Van Gogh” is much more than a mere art exhibition. It’s a proper immersion into Van Gogh’s life and work. The interactive tour presents visual proposes various projections and scenes of Van Gogh’s artworks, letters, life and universe. They’re accompanied with sounds that make you feel and hear Vincent Van Gogh like if you were actually meeting him.

You’ll also get to see the evolution of the painter as a talented artist and as a man. You’ll learn about his strong personality, his ambitions and dedication to art.


Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

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The multidisciplinary activity is suitable for visitors of every age. Whether you’re an adult or a young visitor, the tour has been specifically tailored according to your age. The experience would also be adequate for educational purposes and school trips.


A Unique Multisensory Experience


The inspiring experience officially received the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – ‘Immersive Touring Museum Exhibit’ in 2017 and you’ll understand it once you take part into it.


Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

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Through six different sections, the visitors can engage in several interactive activities. Their senses are awakened all along. The drawing and paintings stations allow drawing a perspective frame as well as composing portraits and digital paintings using a colour palette. Even real life props are available!


Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

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The visitors are also encouraged to touch, which is rarely allowed in a museum. Screens and tablets offer close-ups of Van Gogh’s art. They can feel the rough surfaces of the canvases, see the old Paris as the artist saw it and sense the rustling wind of the wheat fields


Watch the trailer below as an appetizer:



Where to go?


Pla de Miquel Tarradell, 08039 Barcelona




Tickets are from 9€ per person. The price includes an audio tour in various languages (Spanish, Catalan, English or Chinese). Click here to buy them.

The estimated visit time is 90 minutes.

Free entrance for children up to 4-year old.

Minors of 16 year-old must be accompanied of an adult.


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