Saint John’s night in Spain on the beach

Saint John’s night in Spain is one of the most popular festivities in the country. Throughout the country many cities and villages celebrate it. With roots at the same time Christian, pagan and Iberian, the goal is to celebrate the longest day of the year: the summer solstice. The tradition consists of lighting a great fire sometimes accompanied by a pyromania show. It would be a shame to miss it; especially as on the Costa Brava! You could enjoy at the same time beautiful beaches and an excellent traditional bonfire. ChicRoom Barcelona give you more details about this holiday that will inflame the night of 23rd to 24th June throughout Catalonia.

We can also give you some ideas of the best beaches in Catalonia to go to for Saint John’s night.


Saint John's night in Spain


Origins of Saint John’s Day


The origins of this festival are not very clear. For some it comes from the East, for others it comes from the Celtic civilisation. Others say that it is the commemoration of the fire of Rome by Nero, some celebrate the baptism of Saint John … But everyone agrees on one thing: it’s party time!


Celebrations time


In Catalonia, during the day of Saint John, a great bonfire is lit in most towns and villages with firewood. In general, the children pick up the wood to keep it in a specific place in the village. Then everyone meets to dance and sing around the fire.


Saint John's night in Spain


The flames would have magical properties that watch over the health of the inhabitants of the city during the year. The songs are a kind of dialogue between dancing people. When the song is over, the dancers and dancers make a bow to the fire.




On many of the beaches, you can also enjoy a little night-time bath and a wonderful view of the fireworks. This is a night when water, thought to be a wellspring of prudence and a certification of life is thought to be brimming with healing forces.


Saint John's night in Spain


Long back taking a plunge at midnight was a mandatory custom. Also, it is still extremely basic along the coast, regardless of whether for well-being reasons or the fact that the temperature is hot, setting and festivity mean that individuals can keep celebrating in the sea.


Sant John’s coca


During Saint John’s night in Spain it is also recommended to taste the traditional Coca de San Juan with candied fruits. The sugar will give you the rush of energy needed to party until sunrise!


Saint John's night in Spain


Where to stay?


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