Barcelona best travelling destination in 2019

Barcelona, best travelling destination in 2019?

Our blog articles always praise the magnificent city of Barcelona like being the most fantastic place to visit in Spain and probably in the world. But honestly, can you blame us for that? We’ve entitled this article Barcelona, best travelling destination in 2019 and this is why.

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The city enjoys more than 2530 hours of sunshine yearly, it’s located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain, counts with numerous restaurants serving exquisite local food and beverages, and is world-famous for its culture and astounding art nouveau architecture.

Are we exaggerating when we say that our luxury holiday apartment in Barcelona are also an important factor to take into account? Hmm maybe a bit, we have to admit.

Well, we have to recognise that our opinion might be a little bit biased but we have the confirmation of it from different sources. Find out now why Barcelona is the best travelling destination in 2019.


The visitors have made his choice


In the tourism sector, one of the greatest experts providing the best travelling tips generated by users ranks Barcelona among the top destinations in the world. That’s right, TripAdvisor confirmed it too! In this case, travellers are speaking so probably you or someone you know.  And we’re pretty chuffed of the results especially when they come from you.

Barcelona stands at the 7th position of the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Top 25 destinations. Not too shabby, right? Especially taking into account it beats dream destinations like Istanbul, New York or Sydney.


Barcelona best travelling destination in 2019


As for its ranking in Europe, Barcelona ends at the 5th position behind London, Paris, Rome and Crete respectively. Competing among high-class destinations and doing actually very well!

As a consolation prize, Barcelona is the first Spanish city beating Mallorca and Tenerife. Oleeee!

In its presentation on the website, TripAdvisor put some of the key landmarks under the spotlight and makes the users understand that Barcelona is undeniably Gaudi’s city. Some of his most renowned works such as La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell or Casa Batlló are presented. Also, another site designed by him, Torre Bellesguard, is listed as one of the to-dos.


As for the readers of Condé Nast Traveller, they also had their word to say about Barcelona. Even though the ranking isn’t as promising as the previous year, the Catalan capital still appears in the top 20 of Readers’ Choice Awards for various consecutives years.


It’s the only Spanish city rubbing shoulders with some of the best city destinations to visit in 2019. That’s another accomplishment to be proud of, don’t you think?


The word of the experts


Travel Supermarket published its index of the best cities to explore in the world. And we let you guess which city reached the top of the list. *drum rolls*




Yes, Barcelona!!!

The ranking is based on a range of 7 criteria. Most are focused on the connection with public transport within the cities, the ease of mobility and the cost for transport.

Out of the maximum score of 100 Barcelona got a spectacular result of 81.3! You can’t expect less when you can find 6,000 cycle hire schemes, 345 walking tours, a rather efficient public transport network and fairly cheap taxi fares.


Barcelona best travelling destination in 2019


The Spanish capital city comes in second position. We’re also very proud of it, there’s no rivalry from our part. Also, we offer top-end short-term rental apartments in Madrid so it’s a win-win for ChicRoom Barcelona!


Mobility as the key factor for a successful visit


In an interview given to the newspaper The Independent, Joey Tyson, travel editor at TravelSupermarket, explained:

“Discovering new cities, exploring new cultures: it’s a massive part of modern travel and it’s easier than ever to do,”.

“But if you’ve only got a few days to spare, getting the most out of a city can be a challenge. Time is of the essence when you’re exploring, and you need a city that’s well connected, easy to get around and, ideally, cheap to do so.

It seems that Barcelona knows how to respond to visitors’ expectations and to adapt to the changes of the sector.


Top eco-tourism city in Europe


Talking about mobility, being as eco-friendly as possible is a plus for a city that welcomes millions of tourists a year should develop. The online travel and leisure retailer created a ranking of the top eco-tourism cities in Europe. These European capitals are among the most popular for city breaks and appear to maintain a certain of the environment over tourism.



Barcelona ranks at the sixth position of the list with an average score of 4.9/10. Not too bad considering the over 32 million visitors per year. One the main strong points is related to mobility with its numerous walking and cycling tours, its car-free sections and cycle lanes. The sector of hospitality plays also an essential role with thanks to the variety of eco-friendly hotels.


Lodging in the centre Barcelona


Now when you come to Barcelona, you’ll understand better why we consider Barcelona best travelling destination in 2019. And to make your trip more unforgettable we propose you to stay in one of our fabulous holiday apartments to be able to rest in total comfort, elegance and luxury right in the heart of the Catalan capital.



More than a holiday in Barcelona?


And then if you love Barcelona soooo much, why not moving there? There are so many valuable reasons to do so. Here they are on this link, it’s on us and you’ll thank us later.


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