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Christmas in Barcelona

How to spend a magical and unforgettable Christmas in Barcelona?

Days get shorter and shorter and you’re noticing that the temperatures are dropping significantly. With a real nostalgia of last summer and against your will, you’re re-organising your wardrobe for the coming winter. A bit sad, you’re trying to cheer yourself up by thinking “how could life get a bit more exciting now?”. And suddenly you remember that the most…

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Monet virtual exhibition Barcelona

Monet, la experiencia inmersiva: a virtual exhibition of his life and art

After a fascinating multi-sensory Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience visitors and locals will be able to discover the artwork of another world-famous painter. The IDEAL – Centre d’Arts Digitals de Barcelona located in the neighbourhood of Poblenou has prepared a total immersion into Claude Monet’s life and art. Rightly entitled Monet, la experiencia inmersiva (or the immersive experience), a virtual…

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Authentic Catalan food specialities you must try

When visiting Barcelona, it is essential that you try some of the local delicacies here. Many people simply think that Barcelona just has the traditional Spanish cuisine…tapas, sangria, churros. However, this is not the case, Catalonia have their own cuisine. Don’t let this put you off if you’re searching for typical Spanish food, people in Catalonia still love Gazpacho and…

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48-hour Open House Barcelona: exploring the hidden face of the city

Periodically held every October in the city of Barcelona, the architecture festival 48-hour Open House Barcelona proposes an intimate tour of the Catalan capital. Around 200 buildings usually closed to public open their doors for free to let hordes of visitors explore them on 26 and 27 of October. The aim of the festival is to explain the architecture of…

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Barcelona Jazz festival

Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival

After more than 50 years, the Barcelona Jazz Festival comes for a 51st edition. And like every year, we’re being amazed by the exhaustive selection of talented and world-renowned musicians that are joining this major music event from 19 October. For instance, the superstar Herbie Hancock will be performing among other world-class fellow musicians and some up-and-coming names full of…

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beaches near Barcelona best in europe

Four beaches near Barcelona are among the best ones in Europe in 2019

We’ve always said it. The Costa Brava has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe (and probably in the world, right?). As experts of the Barcelona and its surroundings in the whole Catalonia area, we always put our region on a pedestal. European Best Destinations, specialists in promoting tourism and culture in Europe, proves we’re (almost) right with its…

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Barcelona best travelling destination in 2019

Barcelona, best travelling destination in 2019?

Our blog articles always praise the magnificent city of Barcelona like being the most fantastic place to visit in Spain and probably in the world. But honestly, can you blame us for that? We’ve entitled this article Barcelona, best travelling destination in 2019 and this is why. The city enjoys more than 2530 hours of sunshine yearly, it’s located between…

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Casa Battlo's new facade

The new old face of Casa Batlló

The city of Barcelona is easily associated with Antoni Gaudí – architect of the Sagrada Familia – and its wonderful art nouveau buildings. Although every corner of the Catalan capital is embellished by this architectural masterpieces, there’s one particular spot that comes to mind straight away: the avenue Paseo de Gràcia. The “Quadrat d’Or” (the Golden Square) is a part…

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disappeared lamp of Casa Batlló

A disappeared lamp of Casa Batlló has been found in a suitcase

The story of the disappeared lamp of Casa Batlló seems a bit far-fetched and inspired by a fictional scenario but everything is totally true. Casa Batlló is one of the most famous Gaudí’s buildings in Barcelona. Created between 1904 and 1906, it stands in the noble Paseo de Gràcia as one of the unmissable landmarks of the Catalan capital. Josep…

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Gaudi’s work brought back to life in Barcelona

Demolished more than 70 years ago, a fountain designed by the world-renowned architect Antoni Gaudí (father of the Sagrada Familia) has been recreated. You can find it in the Museu Agbar de les Aigües (Water Museum) located in Cornellà de Llobregat outside Barcelona. Gaudi’s fountain reconstruction Barcelona   #Gaudí va dissenyar aquesta font ornamental el 1883, com a element principal del…

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10 things to know about Feria de Abril of Seville

When you think of places to visit in Spain surely the name of Seville comes into your plan. Crossed by the Guadalquivir River, the city enjoys a splendid architecture mix with Moorish buildings standing alongside Baroque edifices. Its historical heritage is spectacular! The Cathedral with the Giralda Tower, the Alcazar, the Golden Tower and Plaza España are some of the…

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Kosmopolis literature festival in Barcelona

Kosmopolis – literature festival in Barcelona

Fellow readers, literature lovers and soon visitors of Barcelona, take a break and read this article especially made for you. Kosmopolis literature festival in Barcelona Although the Catalan capital is not mainly famous for that, it has a long tradition of literature. The city has been mentioned in several novels and hosts various literary events every year. Public of every…

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Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience

Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience in Barcelona

The award-winning interactive exhibition “Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience” has finally arrived in Barcelona. From the 14th of March until the 14th of July 2019, take a multi-sensory journey into the world-famous Dutch painter’s life as if you were actually living it. Created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam, it displays over 10,000 elements thanks 17 projectors,…

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A romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

This article is for you to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day in Barcelona. We have to recognise that Barcelona isn’t the first place that comes to people’s mind when they think of a romantic place. For sure it’s not Paris where you could propose your beloved one under the Eiffel Tower. Neither it’s Venice where you could go on a…

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

One of the most sought-after and major professional events in Barcelona is about to take place. From the 25th to the 28th of February, the Catalan capital will host some of the most influential actors of the technology sector worldwide. Mobile World Congress Barcelona is the essential meeting that makes Barcelona of the main technology hobs in the world.  …

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Catalan traditions for All Saints Day in Barcelona

Catalan traditions for All Saints Day in Barcelona

Catalan traditions for All Saints Day in Barcelona For a proper authentic Catalan experience during the long weekend of November 1st, forget about Halloween. The Catalan traditions for All Saints Day in Barcelona differ from the Celtic customs and neither pumpkin nor fancy dress is involved. However, get ready to put on some more kilos which will be very welcome…

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Autumn - Winter 2018 exhibitions in Barcelona you should not miss

Autumn – Winter 2018 exhibitions in Barcelona you should not miss

When you have a look at the window you notice a change outside. The leaves turn brown and orange. Days are shorter. People’s outfits have gone from little material to covering almost every bit of skin. Autumn has definitely settled down leaving some summer nostalgia in everybody’s mind and tranquillity in the streets of Barcelona. The most interesting activities are…

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